Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dragon Bait Indiegogo Gnome Chevalier

Back in May I supported an Indiegogo campaign for a range of dungeon adventurers bv Dragon Bait Miniatures. The miniatures are sculpted by Kevin Adams and are fantastic, awesome, beautiful and other superlatives that you can all read in posts on this blog.

Anyway: Dragon Bait have their second campaign up and running right this second with 16 miniatures in the offing by Tim Prow and David Soderquist. Kevin Adams sculpted a couple of miniatures before he was given a staff job at Foundry.

And this is one of them:

The Gnome Chevalier.

Joe Corsaro, the gracious gent in charge of Dragon Bait, sent me the Gnome Chevalier a couple of months back after he'd seen my earlier posts. A very generous out of the blue thing indeed and one that I am thankful for.

The mini is 3-parts: rider, dog and shield and they fit together very well. The details are crisp: the dog is magnificent in it's stature and anatomy and the rider has a very haughty cast to his features. There was no flash and the mold lines did not cause me any trouble. They are usually something that I miss and then find after I've painted everything but these were either easily removed or simply not there on this mini.

Ahem, well. 

The Chevalier will be made available as a $10 add-on to a pledge when the funding reaches $3000. With just over 15 days to go, the funding is just over half way there.

I'll be backing for the full collection and have no doubt that I will be well pleased with the miniatures. Joe Corsaro created a great first campaign that was fulfilled quickly and totally top-notch, and I'm 100% sure that the second will be the same.


  1. I'll take some more photos of the rider so you all can see the details. I had a whole bunch but none of the rider on his lonesome.

  2. Excellent work! I'm happy to see so many other folks supporting this excellent campaign!. Love your painting!

  3. Thanks for the kind words. These campaigns have injected a lot of joy into my painting. I've always enjoyed painting, but painting through the first campaign minis has been an awful lot of actual fun. Very little chore involved :0)

  4. Todger is the official schnauzers name now!! Thanks for the good work and support Simon. Do you still do that paint challange thing??

  5. That as a name made me laugh quite hard. With the painting challenges I'd fallen off the painting wagon for 4 months, and am only now getting back into it. Chico's (at ) the man who was putting these together. They are a great way to get going.