Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Eulogy for a Games Store, and godawful funks.

My favourite local games store, Burdette's, is closing this Friday.

I am gutted.

Burdette's was a place that I felt comfortable socially. Which is a big thing, given my level of discomfort generally. The owners and the other customers/gamers were all around my age. The atmosphere was family friendly and relaxed. I tried to make it in every week to play Friday Night Magic, which was free of the brash, competitive bullshit that seems to pool in venues with much younger crowds.

There are other stores here, and some a little further afield, but right now none that can replace Burdette's.


This has been a year of descent into the depths. Lack of energy, general apathy and black moods have cut into any enthusiasm or motivation to get things done. Paint brushes have been unused, I have developed a lead hillock (not a mountain as such) and my work desk is a slippery slope that sends cats sliding to the floor. I've got 5 blog post openings that I've just not got back to.

Things will turn around, I'm almost sure.


Right, here's a link to a great set of miniatures made in the near three decade old Rogue Trader style:

Colony 87- 28mm sci-fi civilians

They are very crisp, very characterful miniatures. If you didn't know about these, look around the kickstarter and keep an eye out. Jon Boyce has put together a very successful kickstarter and is very approachable with any issues (a little damage to a miniature). I've chosen the first one I want to paint and now I need to get to it!

Now, I'll return to the virtual shadows...

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