Monday, September 26, 2016

Taking a page from Kevin Adams...

I split this off from the previous post because, damn it, I'm kinda proud of doing this.

I am a big fan of Kevin Adams, sculptor extraordinaire, who uses left over putty to make little sculpts. And I like that idea, so after playing with putty and filling in bases I used the rest of the putty to make this:

The Demon Frog cares not for your quaint ideas of anatomy.

I used a sculpting tool, a pick and a scalpel to push and prod and smooth as best I could the rolls and balls of putty. I got a really good idea of how easy sculpting is to do and just how hard it is to do well. No more than 10 minutes of work.

It's rough, it's ugly, and I love it. Because it's mine.

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