Saturday, December 26, 2015

State of the dark elf forces.

Christmas at the in-laws and I brought the elves with the intention of magnetising and finishing the bases.

Here's the state of the army. I laid all of the elves I had from my case out on the coffee table. Did I bring the sand to base them? No. How about shields? Where are they? Ah.

Okay. Well, let's glue magnets into the bases.

Two mengil witch elves get 2 little magnets each into the base and... uh... shit... they're not sticking to anything. Well, they would were they flush with the edge of the base.

New problem needs a solution: how to mount the magnets so they contact the surface properly. Putty perhaps.

Will I make my deadline? Perhaps. Let's make it a fuzzier goal. Bases, magnets and/or shields?

Just relooking at the miniatures I painted 2 years ago and they are dark. Not in tone, but certainly in colour. I may go back over them with some highlights.

6 cold ones (including general) and 7 shades.


23 Corsairs and 13 warriors.


13 witch elves, 4 characters


20 warriors and 25 mengil's manflayers.

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