Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 sucked and blowed. Some modest 2016 goals.

A little bit of bandwagon jumping, with probability of being sucked under the wheels, it's the 2015 year in review!

I painted a grand total of about 13 miniatures. Some witch elves, some harlequins and eldar, one COlony 87 civilian and a dungeon adventurer.

I purchased more miniatures than I painted  (which is not the hardest thing): the third DragonBait indiegogo campaign, a copy of 3rd edition Talisman with most of the miniatures, some boxes (yikes! Current GW, really!) Skitarri, the Colony 87 kickstarter, plastic skaven and more eldar than I really should have.

I like what I painted and I like painting, but this was the year of the black dog. The black dog is exhausting. I hate the black dog. It gets on the furniture and pisses on all of my good stuff.


2016 goals.

The big one is to paint. Nothing fancy, get the paint on the plastic slash metal.

If I want to have a goal, it's to finish the Dark Elf army. Or paint more than I buy.

I'm ordering Frostgrave (Osprey), which seems to be a spiritual successor to Mordheim. I'm thinking painting bands for this would be a concrete thing too. 

Playing a game of something would be nice.


May your brushes hold their shape, your mold lines be few and your year good.

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