Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another Chico's Challenge: Sci Fi

It feels like I haven't posted here for a while. Been what? 2 weeks or so. Not much painting done until the last week, and the planned construction and cleaning of hordes didn't happen at all. The Dragon Bait miniatures indiegogo campaign arrived which was like Christmas in June and I think I'll save that for when I am truly uninspired.

It was only with Chico's latest painting challenge (as here: that I got the brushes out and as I only had 4 miniatures that fit the bill (the other 2 being the Peter Davison Doctor and the Delgado Master) terminators it was.

I decided to try colours from opposite sides of the wheel. Blue and orange, and purple and yellow. I also decided that I would try not to use the quickwash to create shadow. I was semi-successful. On the Inquisitor the blue was blended (clumsily) from blue-black up to electric blue. I think the lesson here is that I need more inbetween tones to make the gradation smoother. The orange was three tones.

The Daemon hunter ended up being purple and bone with drucci purple and quickshade washes. The bone was worked up with increasing ivory added to the bone. The hood was given a wash of stong quickshade and then highlighted with a couple of shades of tan.

The 'metal' (bionic leg and gun barrels) was dark black-gray highlighted with slate gray. I'm kind of pleased with the lit buttons on the legs, they're just a simple thing that set the whole mini off. The force rod was bone, highlighted with ivory and then white.

The photos hide some of the scruffiness of the work!

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