Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Night Painting at the Ceramics Shop: Dark Elf Warrior Women

Finally brought myself around to complete the half-painted Dark Elves I'd had lying in my travel case. These were the ladies that had become a millstone around my neck for the last three months. I'm been a little burnt out on Dark Elves. Still more to be done, but these seven are no longer on the list.

I didn't realise that white hair on dark elves was the trope for the Dungeons & Dragons Drow until recently. I must have absorbed it some time or other. I'm really thinking I may need to add in another colour. Electrics, perhaps?

Seven little dark elves all in a row. Rough as guts, and looking pretty all ranked up.

It took me a moment to work out why I couldn't get them to face the same direction. The mysteries of basing catch me again...

I love the poses on these two. The knock-knees on the mace-wielder and the tongue on the swordmaiden (which I need to pick out) are nice touches.


  1. I really like these. They are dark and sinister looking. Nothing like the very bright violet/purple schemes I'm used to seeing.
    Great work :)

  2. Thanks! I think at one point I was thinking of smattering the white boots and gloves with blood, like they'd just stepped out of the abattoir.