Monday, June 30, 2014

Painting Challenge: "Would Sir like some scorn with that drink?"

Chico comes through with another challenge (number 7)  that gives me a jolt of interest to paint. This time the theme is 'Other companies.' Which is just any other mini manufacturer than Citadel/GW.

Which means I now have an excuse to paint this supercillious little b'stard from Dragonbait miniatures.


This is the halfling butler which was an extra given to people who backed Dragonbait Miniature's indiegogo campaign. As I painted this, I was distracting my family with my giggling. I have never had this much fun painting a miniature. There is a lot of character in this sculpt that just thumped me in the funny bone, from the pose to the hair to the expression (the EXPRESSION!) I knew that Kevin Adams was a skilled sculptor but this was the first time that I had really, consciously experienced it.

The paint job was simple.
Base coats of pale green, red, slate gray (facial hair, foot hair and pony tail), white and pale blue.
A wash of army painter's strong wash.
And then touching up with the base coat again. 
"Would sir like some phlegm with sir's wine?" 
I spent the most time on the face. I wanted this guy to be a powdered fop stereotype. I worked up the colour on the face to a very pale flesh. Brushed as light as I could some red on the cheeks and drew a line of red on the bottom lip.

And 'Frederic, butler to the villainous' is born.

The kicker for me is that all the way through the campaign and right up until I got the miniatures in my hand, I HATED this miniature. Didn't think much of it at all.

I am glad to be 100% wrong.

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