Friday, July 4, 2014

Thursday painting: Dragonbait Barbarian

More pretty from Dragon bait, sculpted by Kevin Adams.

Care taken by myself to try and get some different browns on her. The belt, the wrapping around the wrist, the cords on the boots were undercoated in orange and worked up with tan.

My first thought was that her face was sculpted too flat. It's a subjective thing, which definitely changed as I painted her flesh.  This will be a theme as I paint all of these miniatures, I'm sure.

Her eyes are light blue with black pupil. I'm not sure if solid blue works too well on the brown on her face. 

The stoat poking it's snout out of her sack was a sod. I had difficulty making out the detail. From this angle you can see it fine, but from the front and the top? That's a different story. I do need better lighting at night and that was an issue here.

Her fur shawl/cloak was a muddle of black, gray and some white highlights. It works okay-ish. Something for me to work on.

Lots of pretty details and textures to differentiate. The waterskin was a mix of oak brown and red. The sack and pouch were orange based with highlights of varying tans. The leather skirt was oak brown with highlights of leather.

The hair clip is a very nice piece of character, something that fits while being out of sync with her torc and armband.

I am not satisfied by the yellow fringing on the scabbard and the boots- it's a little thin and greenish. A couple more coats probably won't hurt. I think that I will change it to a different colour, maybe a bright purple or red.

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