Monday, April 28, 2014

Big 'Un week

This week was another of Chico's painting challenges. A big miniature. 40mm base (or equivalent) or larger. What better time to paint the Ral Partha Frost Giant?

This was the progress that I had made by the end of Monday. Base colours and the ever handy dark wash. I also did a lightning blue over the navy blue. The transition was too stark between the two colours.

From the side. As I take photos I notice where I didn't paint. I'm chronically bad for getting under parts of a miniature. On the giant it was under the edge of the beard, and under the edges of the loin cloth. 

The other miniature I painted: a citadel Chaos Champion (CH03) from 1987. Again, as I took photos I noticed I'd not got green under the wrists and on the legs under the fur tunic.

I had painted the orange with the intent of working up to a tan brown. But I really do like the contrast with the green. There is a shield that will go on the black stud on his right hip.

The two side by side. The giant is more of a 'big', but being bigger than the other minis is what is needed.

What follows is the finished giant, with what amounted to a lot of frustrating mucking around with the skin.


 The skin flows a little better from the navy to the lightning blue. The beard and hair turned out well. I'm slowly learning how to blend colours.

And the two together again. In the end I did layer the orange up to brown and it still maintains that contrast. The boots need some work, the colour is very muddied. My next step is to get some red onto the armour, like blood seeping from the cracks. The fictional story of the champion is that he dedicated himself to the lord of disease and decay, Nurgle.

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