Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dark Elf Army To Date.

Here are the forces of Naghammahd. Dark Elves are the decadent, egalitarian, God-of-Murder worshipping answer to the wholesome wood and high elves that you may have come across in some recent films about rings, dragons and the black and white world of some earth that is between some things.

This is a 'purist' army: simply meaning that I've made it up out of only the Warhammer ranges manufactured by Citadel and Marauder). (The other kind of army is what I call 'eclectic' (rather than 'non-purist') because it'll be made from many different manufacturers. I have a Chaos army that I'm putting together like this.)

I think that I will eventually have enough painted that I can field them under any number of editions. There's no plan to how they're being painted and collected. I seem to be accumulating them and creating units as required.

Here's what I have painted to my satisfaction. I think I'll varnish them and then finish the basing and the shields. There are still lots more to be painted. Some conversions need to be done and repairs made.

Corsairs. The shock infantry.

The corsairs' dragon cloaks. A fairly simple purplish brown affair.

This is the corsair champion. Not actually a corsair, but he 'scales' nicely.

Witch Elves. The murderous followers of Khaine. A mix of two different ranges, one slightly bigger than the other.

Marauder dark elf warriors. There are more that need to be painted.

Repeater bolt thrower crews. The first two are Citadel (around 1986) the last two are Marauder (around 1994). You can really see the difference in scale.

Mengil Manhide's Manflayers. These are my favourite ensemble group of miniatures in the dark elf range. They'll act as warriors.

These are going to be scouts. I'm humming and haa-ing about where to put the one on the end.

I love how this one turned out. She needs a shield.

Detail from the back. Hardly ever do you see details like this in catalogues or magazines.

The 3 sorcerous leaders. The one in the middle will probably be farmed out as the leader of some undead allies.

The insidious assassin.

Three of the multitude of cold ones I will be painting. There are four riders painted, but I realise I didn't photograph them.

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