Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stunty Week Challenge. Day 1.

 Chico of http://oldhammeronabudget.blogspot.com/ has started a series of painting challenges. This week's which started yesterday is to paint stunties (here a word which means any miniature smaller than human sized). I had a rummage through and readily found 5 small ones that I could paint.

Here are the 5 minis I selected to paint. I'd already begun working on numbers 2 and 3 before thinking to take this photo. They are a Ral Partha dwarf from 1979, a  citadel halfling, A Ral Partha halfling, a Marauder Dwarf and a Ral Partha Dwarf from 1977.

Here is where I ended up at about 6pm last night. I did some more work on these 2 and also a bunch on the other 3 before hitting 8.30pm. So more photos to follow.

 I love this miniature. It's got a heck of a lot of character and is covered in interesting detail. That's a pipe pinning his hat, and he has a bundle of arrows and  a sack slung over his back.

 This guy has a snake and an awkward pose. Try it: stand, twist your shoulders so they're 90 degrees to your feet and look and point. I got a back cramp. I realised as I was looking at these photos last night that this guy actually had bare feet. A detail that got lost before the ink wash.

The snake is either a staff or a stick or simply a snake. I think of it as all of the above.

Here, I have decided I need to create a piece of ridge to chuck finished minis on to photograph. Coincidentally, these guys ended up being painted the same blue and yellow combo. I painted these at the same time as 2 other minis and was putting colours on all 4 at the same time.

After taking the photos I added details to these guys, put base colours on the 2 ral partha dwarfs and base coated the marauder dwarf. Photos later today. Todays actual wor will be continuing with the 3 unpainted and basecoating another bunch of dwarfs and halflings I retrieved from the storage box.

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