Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stunty Week Challenge, the results.

I survived Stuntie Week! I actually painted more miniatures (stuntie and not) over the week than I had any other week, IN MY LIFE! And some good ones too.

The only thing that they really need to finish them off is texturing the bases (since taking the photos I've painted the bases black) and varnishing. There are probably some highlights that need doing too.


Citadel halfling. The second miniature I've painted that I've put eyes on. There is a lot of great detail on this one, from the pipe in the hat to the sacks slung across the back.

Marauder Dwarf (MM15/1). This is probably the best paint job I have done to date. Careful basecoating, with a dark wash and then layering of highlights. I love the miniature and I'm going to keep an eye out for others in the range going cheap.

I've decided to do more photos from the back, because on a lot of minis there is some great detail. Of course, on some it's dead boring (cloaks are blah!)

 Ral Partha dwarf from 1979. The difference a couple of years makes in a range. Has more sculpting done with a more dynamic pose.

And here is a Ral Partha dwarf from 1977. Gah. Very flat, very difficult for me to paint. I'm going to experiment with adding more highlights to give it more planes.

WoTC Dwarf Fighter from 2001's chainmail range. She has quite a nice pose. I need to go and paint the hair red at the request of my bronze and brassy haired wife.

Ral Partha gun crew. There is a wick that needs adding to the figure to right

More Ral gun crew. the spotter looks like santa.

Conquistador from, I think, Ral Partha.

Asgard dwarfen dungeon adventurer. This is covered in great detail.

Grenadier dwarf hireling. I plan to try some lighting effects with the torch as the source.

I think this is a Ral Partha halfling. fits in nicely with the citadel. Skinnier. I like the face even though I need to make it a little cleaner.

Another RP halfling. Simple pose with the face of a human child.

RP halfling. I really like the sculpts on these guys.

My big question, which was sculpted first? The citadel halfling with pipe in hat and gaping shirt, or this RP halfling with pipe in hat and gaping shirt. I love seeing similar poses and pieces across different ranges. It's like a dialogue going on. I'm also thinking of shoulder hugging drunken orcs, dwarves on stilts and overburdened hirelings as ideas I've seen in different places. I'm actually thinking that if I were ever to start a miniatures company I'd want to do a line of 'quote' miniatures. Goblins doing inappropriate things with their fingers would probably be in there too.

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