Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A wizard, a druid and a ranger enter an inn...

...and the innkeeper says "Is this some kind of joke?"

Heartbreaker Wizard, Citadel Flagellant, Reaper Halfling Druid, and Dragon Bait Dwarf Ranger.

This is the result of about 4 hours or so over two days. The stupid wizard lost the top of her staff, the damned thing snapped right off. Cue me scrambling to find my pin vice only to discover that the drill bit I wanted to use doesn't fit the cheap-arsed piece of crap I had on hand. Frustrating.


This came from Heartbreaker. I'll get the parts that jab me out of the way first.This is a clunky beast. Huge arms, small face, huge hair. Humongous staff. Look at how thick that thing is, she's holding something that is as thick as her arm. And I won't get into how the inside of her robe lacks any kind of detail. Thigh? Knee? She doesn't need those. Just stick the foot in there. 

Dispite these complaints I like this mini in toto. The details are pretty cool, the robe, the necklace and the cord all provide some texture. The staff is a great design which demands some simplicity in the painting. The 'flow' made painting a pleasant job.

Painting wise it was straightforward. The hair is an experiment. I wanted it to look like flame flowing from her head. It's rough and would probably work better if she had spiky wild hair.


I won't lie, I totally bought this mini because of the bunny. 

I used so many colours that I was afraid that it wouldn't work at all. Brown red for the fabric and tan for the edging of the jacket,  yellow for the scarf, blue for cloak and hat, and purple for the layer under the jacket.

The bunny was a slate grey base coat with a wash, and selective white over brushing

Detail for the book. I want to add more to the bird page: draw the beak open and add a musical note or some kind of speech bubble. "Talk to animals" is a useful spell. I have no clue what the other symbol means.

It was while painting this dwarf ranger that I realised that I really like Kev Adams ( see the previous post about the halfling barbarian).

All of these sculpts are based off another artist's, Mike Burns, designs and Adams did a brilliant job of capturing the design and injecting some of his own sensibility into it.


I really like the way she turned out. I didn't really realise until after I'd painted her that she shares the same colours with the other minis (olive green and white/bone).


  1. She reminds me of Joan Jett with her face and hair for some reason..Cool job on the ranger.

  2. Hey, she does, doesn't she? You've given me a start on a name! Joan Jettsdottir? Thanks!