Thursday, July 10, 2014

I won a (small, non-competition) competition :0)

To my surprise, my barbarian won Chico's painting challenge which finished Monday. I will provide no caveats or undermining of myself or my abilities and instead bask in the warm ego-boosting glow of this success.

Chico's Challenge-week-alternative-companies-Results

There was a wonderful array of miniatures in this round from all over. I would have chosen Richard Legg's Samurai with it's bold colours and careful patterning on the arms.

My reward is to choose the next round's theme. I'm toying with 'ethereal' or 'sinuous' or 'gravity defying.'  I've got a week to decide on a suitably open theme.


  1. What you have to remember when choosing the theme is 2 things. First is that it's mostly aimed at the Oldhammer community and second it has to be somewhat inclusive and open. But I'm sure your'll choose a good one and if not, then your fired hehehe ;)

  2. Very cool, Simon, Congrats! At least one of us in Michigan cna win something for painting! ;) Hopefully you can make it to Baltimore in Oct, if not, we'll have to try to get together for a game sometime. Like your challenge, and now I may have to enter this one......

  3. Thanks. I'm likely not going to make it this year; my current job ends in September and I'm hoping to hear back from a new job this Thursday. Else I'm scrambling to find new employment. I definitely need to get my full license so I can travel further afield.