Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More Dragonbait Beauties and some Heraldry.

This week I'd fully intended to paint some knights and instead painted some other miniatures instead.


Dragon Bait Miniatures  (unfortunately, this link takes you to a place holder and contact link) have a bunch of beautiful miniatures. Can I rave enough about painting these? Probably not. They are great with my only complaint being the varying size of the bases from the teeny butler base to the humongous half-orc druid base. This is a minor quibble. Like wishing that your still unbelievably tasty burger had sesame seeds on top.
I definitely feel more confident in what I am doing with the brush. More in control of the effects that I am trying to achieve and the colours that I am using. I love the way that these miniatures have turned out. I don't know what has changed my perspective to my painting, only that I am certainly the more positive for it. 

She is a cautious one, this halfling. Sling at the ready she scans the nooks and crannies looking for advantage. Maybe financial, maybe tactical but always hers. This is Percivalia, and she is equipped for expertise. Candles, lockpicks, wire cutters and rope and grapple. No tripwire uncut, no chest unopened, no gem unsecreted into a sleeve. If anyone complains they can talk to the knife.

Percivalia has a lot of detail that I discovered while painting. What I thought was flash was a throwing knife tucked into a sleeve, cord tying a dagger to her wrist. Her hair is similar to the barbarians: a mix of bone and yellow. This gives a very dirty look when couple with a wash.

Her pants were supposed to have neat checks and it turned out to be more a little more onerous on my patience that I had expected. They are rough as guts up close, and one leg is neater than the other. Percevalia needs to choose a better tailor.

The candle flame I spent more time on than I intended trying to get a pleasing blend from the 'hot' colour to the 'cooler' colour. I initially had white at the very base, which made the flame look far too hot. I eventually ended up swiping one colour on top of another quickly to get an uneven blend from yellow to red. A (very) small touch of black at the tip to suggest smoke and done.

The rear view. You can see all the equipment attached to her pack. The checks don't look too bad. I made an attempt (note: "attempt") to angle the checks as they crease behind the knee. I did two runs over the pants, as the wash turned the ivory a golden brown colour. The second run was more slap happy and evened the checks out a lot.

Kneenan, the barbarian. Driving his foes before him, treading the thrones of the world beneath his hairy feet, eating the foods of the world and listening to the lamentations of their chefs.

I need to get more pictures of this guy as this was the only one in focus that showed some of the detail.. The concept of this figure is incongruously funny, which is the best kind as far as I am concerned. A halfling barbarian? Like Conan? Hell, yeah. The sculpt is brilliance. From the turn of the mouth, to the spoon in the belt and the chicken leg in hand. I am not sure about the blue wristband- I'm thinking I might try to make it look slightly metallic. The colour does tie it to other halflings I have painted, but it doesn't fit in with the other colours yet.

Oh, and this is the first topless miniature I have painted. To the best of my knowledge.


Another detail laden miniature. This was pretty straight forward and another one of these miniatures where my patience lasted through all of the details. 

The sausages falling out of his pack crack me up. Food motivated much? I don't have much to say about this mini except that there is a lot of detail. I am pleased with how the shield turned out.

This is the start of my non-entry for Chico's biweekly painty thing. The crest is actually for one of my clans: Wallis. A white lion rampant on a red field, I think is how it's described.

I spent 45 minutes squinting and sketching in in black, and swiping with white and edging in red and then rinsing and repeating trying to get the details right. I have to admit that I could spend so much more time on this making it neater and fuller and neater and fuller etc etc

It does look good from a distance and is certainly a step up on the yellow sign I daubed on my chaos warrior's shields a couple of months back.  I plan on doing two more shields like this (for clan Carlyle and for house Dale).

I tip my hat to anyone who can paint beautiful detail on a shield.

Bugger, this thing is tiny. I like it from a distance :)

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