Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Wallis Knight and better photos of Kneenan, the barbarian halfling.

My reward for winning the previous round of Chico's painting challenge was to choose the theme for the next one. I chose 'heraldry' because: it was something I'd never done; I had some plastic knights; and I wanted to handpaint a shield. Voila. Decision made.

This is my non-entry.  

The Wallis Knight.
Wallis is my Grandmother's birth name and the family crest is, as shown on the shield, a white lion rampant on a red field. Though it might technically be silver and not white.

I made the happy discovery that red is easier to paint over an orange base. It makes for a brighter and warmer colour. I like how much warmer and brighter it makes the final colour. It still takes a couple of coats which is not really a chore when compared to the outcome.


"I will do the job," Kneenan smiled and bit a chunk from the meat in his fist, "and my price will be fair. However be warned."
He swallowed his mouthful and spat a stray piece of flesh to the floor at the strangers feet, "If I am betrayed I will hew your knee caps from you..."

Here are better photos of the Halfling Barbarian I painted earlier.

The spoon and the chicken leg are wonderful touches.
I have suddenly realised that I have fallen in love with Kev Adams, the sculpter of this brilliant miniature. It's snuck up on me over painting these things he's sculpted. I've known of him for a long time and I've probably painted his sculpts before (heroquest goblins, I'm looking at you) without realising much of anything.

Adams has a long history in the miniatures game stretching back to the early-mid 80s doing a lot of work with Games Workshop. I first came across him in the pages of White Dwarf in one of the early 'eavy Metals where he talked painting and sculpting and from his painted goblins and orcs in a sample army list from an upcoming book. He also designed a fantastic piece of bent reality with a device called the snotling pump wagon. Think a

Consequently, I've spent the last week halfheartedly looking for more of his miniatures online and today I've found my next purchase: Human Male Adventurers from Otherworld Miniatures. These look like they are slimmer than the Dragon Bait minis I have been painting, though they all ooze the same character. Kev Adams has done a huge number of miniatures for the company. His pig faced orcs are sheer brilliance (look for the fully helmed orc here).

Anywho, back to the mini at hand. The loin cloth is orange with a brown wash over it. I drybrushed some white down the back to suggest fox fur. I don't know if it totally works; I need to do a bit of work on fur. 

Another angle.The tilt on the mouth makes me smile. It's one of those touches that Adams excels at.

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