Friday, May 16, 2014

Base, base, bastard, base.

I did a cursory tally on the miniatures I have acquired in the nearly two years since getting back into painting and it is lots. Like several hundred. Several very cheap and large purchases have bulked it out (like some near complete 5th and 6th edition WH boxes and a 100 piece Empire army for the price of an army case). 

Of these miniatures I've painted about 100. Which is actually pretty good, considering I don't really have a grasp on what is where. Unfortunately, none of these are finished with bases, shields and varnish.

It is a best intentions situation. I totally plan on doing this task. I have the materials and I've decided on the look. But I can't help but procrastinate. What was once a small speed bump on the road to painting has turned into a freaking unpaved mountain at the end.

I just know that doing the bases will make everything look better, especially the dark elf army that I've been mucking around with since the second month.

Here's the planned look. Not too sure if I like the all slate over the all Probably going to have the earth be a black brown and drybrush the larger rocks (HO clinkers) slate. Black edges on the base to raise it from whatever surface. The flock is the autumn blend from Gale Force Nine clumped on with PVA dabs.

Since beginning this entry I actually went to the Oldhammer FB page and asked when people did their bases in the process. Most people sand the bases before doing the undercoat because it's not quite as messy as at the end. Which totally makes sense. I guess I am going to have to appeal to my innate laziness to do it now to avoid an even bigger job at the end :0)


  1. There isn't a set point at which I base my miniatures. It very much depends upon what I'm working on at the time or what sort of effect I'm going for.

    The most recent bases I worked on were on my 2nd ed Space Ork figures. I used air drying clay to make raised areas and flat areas and then when that dried the figures were glued to the bases.

    Then I filled the gaps around feet and between the sculpted area with a paste I made from P.V.A. glue, sand and fine gravel.

    Other times I've sanded the bases before spraying the miniature, others after painting was complete.

    I just think every project has it's own rhythm and pace.

  2. I'm definitely thinking that my Nag Hammahd stuff will all have the same bases. I'm discovering that a fair few of the stuff I've painted would probably suit slabbed dungeon flooring.

    I'm still trying to find my rhythm and pace!