Friday, May 16, 2014

Chico's Challenge: Wild Card Drunk-arsed gnolls.

I should have got these photos put up on Monday, but misplaced the camera. Yeah, excuses, excuses. I did do one final touch today, which is the trouser patch. The red it was originally just didn't click.

I like the way that I've painted them, and am fairly chuffed with some of the things that I'd never really done much of before (some blending on the arms, the patch).


The gruesome twosome on their walk of shame. This was sculpted by Michael Perry, so it was a MP scribed into the base.  


Close up of the details from the top. Ah, the joy of ale. How I don't miss the gluten poisoning. And the bum patch, of which I am all out of proportion proud of.

Now to find more of the characterful little blighters.


  1. Great work on the Gnolls/Great Goblins. They are lovely models, full of character, and always worth painting up.

  2. thank you! They are such charming minis; I'm keeping an eye out for others in this range. I've already got two of the gnoll children sitting there, they're going to be a treat/reward for painting more dark elves.