Friday, May 30, 2014

Chico's Chaos Challenge, WIP. It must be the end of the world...

...'cause bases and shields!

Citadel CH 3 Champions of Chaos: Haktgore and Stro'knor Macekiller. 

This is where I am as of about 30 minutes ago. I want to do a few more highlights on the two of them, and tidy up the leather. Haktgore's armour was an experiment in blending with wet paints. Trying to get the blues to have a smoother gradient from the dark to the electric. I think I may have done one colour too far, and lost some of the middle ground.

The shields are so far from being done. On the back , I did a black base and lightly drew white lines lengthwise. Then I mixed black with brown and water and slathered that over the top trying to make it as streaky as I could to create a grainy effect. How does it look? Weeeell, it was a nice idea, and the brown looks good. I'm just glad it's on the back of the shield :0)

The sigil is a dear old friend from Robert Chamber's the King in Yellow. I've been reading a lot of Delta Green recently and I'm dying to see True Detective and the King in Yellow feature heavily in both. Hastur, a nominal god of decadent insanity, transmits craziness through the word. A perfect little cult for the text-rich ruins of Naghammahd. I definitely am going to tidy up the sigils.


When I got these two they both had hexagonal bases and now having ranked them both up on square 25mm bases.  They look ever so slightly off center with each other, I wonder if they were sculpted without a square base necessarily in mind. Eh, it's not an issue, just a spur of curiosity. 

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