Friday, May 9, 2014

WIP Wildcard Challenge Citadel Gnolls.


Progress! I sat down for an hour and added layers. I think that I am enjoying painting individual miniatures more now than I have ever done in past. There's something freeing about simply painting a miniature and knowing that there isn't an army or unit waiting for it and dozens more like it. I love my Dark Elves, but I'm sick of the sight of them. To the point that I am really questioning getting into painting another full on army. My planned beloved Skaven and Nurgle armies? *deep breath*

Makes me appreciate Mordeim and Warband style games all the more.

Random thoughts that I had while choosing the photos: 
The wet palette makes it so much easier to flit from colour to colour.
I'm still not happy with the skin of the duo; they're too similar, not blue enough. I'll do a blue wash to get the colour I want into the recesses. I really needed to have an all out green tinted blue as the base colour.
I'm quite pleased with the way their legs turned out. Orange makes for a fantastic leather/tan base colour. 
Oh, and red is totally the wrong colour for the patch on the bum. 

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