Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday: Chico's Challenge, basing and WIP

In no attempt at any order: Warmachine Cryx, Heritage Necromancer, Ral Partha Giant, and Cold ones and a Chaos Warrior from Citadel.

After my lament recently about basing, I have spent today addressing the issue. Holes filled in with blue-tack, slightly watered down PVA over the bases and then sand (scavenged from Petoskey on our last anniversary) is poured over and left to dry. Next will be to colour it black with a mix of AP dark wash and black and then to stick stuff on it.

Chico (of has announced another of his painting challenges. I'm finding these a great way to get something done. Whether it be one model or a dozen, I've enjoyed just cracking on and doing stuff.

This cycle's theme is Chaos and for me that can only mean Chaos Warriors. I'm aiming to get Mr. Mace above finished. Which for me means based, shield and varnish! By all that is pestilential, I vow this by Papa Nurgle's tallies. I'm also going to start on another Chaos Warrior (Haktor, I think) and get him to a similar state of completeness.

The fetching lass on Mr Mace's right is Marigold. Her favourite things are daisy chains, kittens and making those cute little skeleton's dance. She doesn't understand why people are upset when she holds her tea parties. The long deceased seem to enjoy the company and the cuppa.

Yes, she is also planned to be finished.

Forgive the atrocious photo, it's made everything look like a bad pastel. This is some random dude who will be a part of the Knights of the Scroll. He will be special because he will be first to be snipped from his base and attached to his cold one.

More work was done on faces of dark elves, eyes mostly. Ghastly. I've hit the wall on these guys. I think I need to take them out of the paint case and concentrate on doing other minis. I have a Hordes Legion of Everblight starter I can put together and a bunch of reaper and citadel singles I can paint. I will finish the Dark Elves but a breather is required.


  1. Very nice to see ! That Jes Goodwin warrior is probaly one of my favourites.

    May I say I was quite astonished to read about this use of Blue tack ! May I recommend a far easier and durable solution : apply the pva on the base and then just stick a little piece of paper on tope of the gaps before adding some more PVA on th epaper and then adding the sand. the PVA+sand will make the paper just as solid as needs be. Just my 2 cents on the matter really

  2. I can see that being a better solution. I'll give that a go with the next lot. Thanks! (That'll solve the underside picking up stuff too!)