Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Painted stuff for May 5th

Every other Monday I go with the wife and kid to ceramics and while they paint rabbits, hearts and nativity scenes I paint tiny machineries of war. Last night I touched brush to Dark Elves and added faces and touched up some colour, but I just wasn't in the mood for the grind of regimental types. I decided to finish two that had been sitting in my paint case for a long time: a preslotta Citadel Fighter and a Reaper Alchemist.

I love that somehow I managed to make her eyes look quizzical. "Oh, really?" I do need to add a spot of white to the right edge of her right eye. Eyes are new for me, as in this will be the fourth miniature I've added them to. At the moment I'm trying the white base with the black dot added approach. If I mess up, then I switch to black base with white edging. This is before I do the Quickshade wash. The wash takes off the edge of the white and the effect is quite attractive.

I decided to use the strong quickshade I'd picked up on a whim earlier in the day. I usually use the dark QS and I was quite surprised at how warm the strong shade is. This is more brown than the Dark's black and I love the warmth it adds to the miniature. I'm thinking that I'll start using this on skin.

There is something about this miniature that is really quite charming. As per usual, I really like the packs and pouches on the back of this miniature (and again! photos needed of the back.)

A Reaper miniature from their warlord game, alchemist I think (I had big plans to be really precise and well researched and now I'm relying on my swiss cheese memory). Another miniature that I'd painted the base colour on and then ground to a halt. She turned out quite nice after applying some highlights to her robes. I experimented with some blending on her jar and it's pretty rough. Something that I'll get better at the more I do it. 

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