Friday, May 9, 2014

WIP Wild Card Challenge: Drunken Gnolls

Another of Chico's challenges. This time a wild card. I chose to do the drunken gnolls (I thought they were goblins) after seeing someone (Jamie Loft) post a photo of their drunken Citadel orc villagers.

I picked these guys up along with the frost giant and a bunch of other minis. Didn't know who made them, had no clue where to start. Did a search on ebay on the off-chance, "drunken orc" "drunk miniature" etc "drunken goblin" got me a listing that gave me all the info. And the cost, in case I wanted to pick up a second copy, was 26 of those United States dollars. Uh... O.K. Would only make me spend $26 on a bunch of other stuff. Like a lot of miscellaneous miniatures with all of the buried treasures that turn up in those things. If I were an avid collector of early Citadel then the price might be right. I simply can't imagine paying that though.

Citadel FTG10 Drunken Gnolls. 
Anyway, after a quick detour through Stuff of Legends, these friendly chaps are officially from Citadel's Fantasy Tribes Gnolls range. Their code is FTG10 and they are simply 'Drunken Gnolls.' Stuff of Legends tells me that these miniatures were also sold by Ral Partha and were later folded into Citadel's 'C' goblin code. I don't know who sculpted them and the only mark on the bottom of the base looks like 'MF'. It's badly filled in with spray enamel so it's hard to tell if it's an 'F,' a 'P,' a 'B,' an 'E,' or an 'R' I'll clean the bottom of the base and get a better look. I hope for laziness sake that it might be 'MP' for Michael Perry, only because he's the only sculptor with the first initial 'M' that I could think of that worked at Citadel in those days.

I took the photo seconds after finishing washing them with the shade. Shiny and wet. Like they've just been on the dungeon's best pub crawl. At this point, I've put on all the base colours. The leggings, laces and shoes will all be worked up to various shades of tan and brown. The other colours will get a couple of highlights. I wonder if I've made the skin colours too pale. The green one is 1:1 army painter barbarian flesh and greenskin, the bluish one is 1:1 that first mix and an ultra blue. I may have to repaint the skin with a darker mix and then work up to what I have them at here. I also brushed a little bit of red/brown mix across nose and cheeks. They are happy drunks, after all.

Here they are leading the walk of shame. I really dig the way their arms are supporting each other. The mugs were painted metallic iron, and I like the way that the wash has coloured the mug of the drinking gnoll here. I think I'll try and extend the colour to the entire mug, giving a tarnished, well used look.

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